In my effort to become a Spike completist, I’ve been watching Season 5 of Angel. I never got into the show when it was on, but I’m really enjoying the last season. I’m not sure what was different–maybe Joss Whedon had more time for Angel after Buffy ended, maybe the Wolfram and Hart twist improved things, or maybe they knew it was the last season and gave it everything they had, but it seems that Season 5 was much better than the rest of the show.

The best part, of course, is the interplay between Spike and Angel. I love that the writers took the opportunity to explore their history through time. I love that, even at the height of their evil, they were both giant nerds. And I love the way the interplay carries through even though their agenda has completely changed. The rivalry over Buffy and the competition for who is the greater champion is hysterical, and the episodes exploring that relationship are my favorites.

Then, of course, there’s puppet Angel, which is now my favorite thing in the history of ever. Angel_Puppet