Lately, we’ve been taking Harpo to the comic book shop. We walked over there last week because the Kid wanted to check something quickly, and they said he could come in. So today, Kid asked if we could walk over there again with the dog. 

I found myself enjoying the comic book shop less, and I’m not sure why. It could be that I’m just not a native, and the novelty is wearing off. There aren’t really any new action figures for me to find, and I’m just not that interested in the books. (Though it was kind of awesome to hear my Kid murmuring, “I’m looking for number 32” like a real nerd.)

But I think it might have been the dog. 

I always take charge of Harpo when we’re in a store, or almost always. Kid Project Dad is certainly capable, but I’m Harpo’s main trainer, and so he’s just used to working with me. Both KPD and I feel a little bit more secure that Harpo will listen when I’m at the other end of the leash, and so it just makes sense when we’re anywhere that it really matters that Harpo behave, and not just be under control, for me to take control. So when we’re in the comic book shop, where a dog could do hundreds of dollars worth of damage in just a few minutes, I’m on dog duty. (hur, hur)

Since the whole point of me holding the dog is to keep him under control, I don’t want to just stroll around the store getting distracted by action figures or Once Upon a Time comics. So I end up standing around, or if I can find a stool, sitting around, waiting for KPD and the Kid to finish shopping. Sometimes a dog person will walk in and adore the pup, and then I get to have that conversation about how old he is (4) and what kind of dog he is (none) and what a good boy he is (of course) but I can do that anywhere. So I just don’t get very engaged with the comic book shop when I have the dog.

Or maybe it’s just that all my discretionary funds are going to Buffy comics right now, so there’s really no point in shopping. 

It’s one of those things.

Anyway, for reading all that, you deserve a cute dog picture, so here you go:

Harpo dressed as Aragog

Harpo dressed as Aragog