“What should we do tomorrow?” I asked my lovely daughter.

“Stay home and watch Adventure Time,” came the reply.

“How about the zoo?”

“No, I’m not in the mood for animals.”

“We could go to the Botanical Garden!”

“I’m not in the mood to look at plants and pretend I like them.”

The cause seemed lost. Then, in a moment of brilliance in the shower this morning, it came to me. I went into the Kid’s room, where she was lying on her bed, shades down. The iPad had been taken away when she used up her daily allotment of time, and so there was nothing to do.

“I, Princess Bubblegum, have a problem,” I said. “Lady Rainicorn has been kidnapped by the Plant People, and we must go to the Land of Botanicus to get her back. Find BMO and we’ll be on our way!”

So began an adventure. I dressed up as a witch to avoid detection:

IMG_0844 (That’s my Ravenclaw t-shirt.)

We set off to the Land of Botanicus, and began to search:


Marceline brought her Encyclopedia of Oo with her, and helped to direct us. Finn drove. (Kid Project Dad always gets to be Finn because he’s not so good at imagining things. Finn being the only human in Adventure Time, he’s the easiest character to portray.)

It wasn’t long before we found a place where Lady Rainicorn had puked some rainbows.


So we knew we were on the right track. Marcelline was on the case:


Finn got distracted by this giant tree cookie:

Giant tree cookie. (Finn for scale)

Giant tree cookie. (Finn for scale)

And these creatures were very strange:


But we managed to find Lady Rainicorn anyway!



Then, we helped a nice lady who worked at the gardens to take down some bean plants. She gave us a bag of beans, some tomatoes, and some herbs. I have big plans for tomorrow’s lunch!


(And that’s how a nerd gets her kid to go on an adventure when the kid is not in the mood.)

Update: Here are pics of the beans before cooking, and our completed lunch, including tomato salad made from Botanical Garden tomatoes and our garden tomatoes and herbs from the Botanical Garden.

IMG_0859 IMG_0860