If you go to Vermont, I highly recommend the Aerial Adventure Park at Bromley. We’ve been waiting ages to go, and the Kid was finally old enough this year. It was surprisingly difficult and so much fun. I thought the zip lines would be scary, but they were awesome. 


You can see from the picture what the harness was like. We had a double carabiner apparatus that required us to be hooked to something at all times. You couldn’t open one carabiner until the other was secured and locked with a key. Then we had a trolley hooked to us that was used for the zip lines. Everything was carried on our harnesses. 

It was really cool being up in the trees, climbing from obstacle to obstacle. We’ll definitely go back again. I think the Kid wants to try harder courses when she gets bigger and stronger. We only made it to the yellow and green courses, but those were quite challenging enough for me. I realize now that I was relying too much on my arms and my harness, and not enough on my legs and core muscles. So I’d like to see what I can do if I actually try to balance and hold myself up with my body and not just my arms.

Still, I’m really proud of myself. I got stuck a couple of times, but was able to get myself out of each situation and to keep going, and the zip lines were a great reward. Especially the one that went over a little brook. Somehow, zip lining over water seems more impressive.