Last week, we went to our favorite place in the world, The Paw House Inn. It’s a wonderful place, designed especially for dog people. When we arrived, Harpo was specially welcomed back on the doggie board.


He had his own kennel in Mario’s Playhouse, and his own bed in our room. 

Every morning, we had breakfast on the porch. Here’s Harpo’s view from the ottoman he likes to sit on.IMG_0764

We were welcomed, as always, by the Assistant Manager, Stanley. The Kid is Stanley’s biggest fan.


Up until this year, Harpo’s favorite thing at The Paw House was the dog park in the backyard. It’s a huge, fenced-in area with agility equipment, tennis balls, and other dogs to play with. 


But now, the town has considerately added a sculpture garden just next to The Paw House, where humans can play, too. Harpo loves it when we’re all having fun together. 

IMG_0830 P1040614

Last week was way too short. I can’t wait to go back.