On Monday, Wil Wheaton shared the following tweet:

I’ve been thinking about it all week. There’s a battle going on in the world. A battle between depression and dogs.

Seriously, now, if you have Depression, get help. Get medication and therapy. Call a suicide hotline if you need to. I’m not trying to minimize Depression.

But dogs are the opposite. Where Depression tells you that you’re worthless and life is miserable, dogs tell you that you’re the most exciting thing that’s happened all day. Depression brings tears; dogs bring laughter. Depression tells you to stay in bed and ignore the world; dogs tell you to get up and go for a walk. 

I’m not saying a dog could have saved Robin Williams. Actually, I think he had dogs. He loved biking and got plenty of exercise. He did all the right things when he could. But I’ll bet somewhere there’s someone who didn’t commit suicide because of a dog. Somewhere right now there’s someone who wants to stay in bed, but has to get up because she has a dog to walk. Someone wants to cry, but her dog is making her laugh instead. Someone was lonely until his dog nuzzled him. 

Here’s a picture of my dog. He’s really cute and he makes me smile.

Cute dog is cute.

Cute dog is cute.