On Sunday, we went back to our local comic book shop. I realized that I’m becoming one of those people who needs to watch her wallet in such a place. We were inspired to go by the TMNT movie, and we thought about buying a reprint of some original TMNT books. We wound up with an Asterix book (yay!) and the second book of Buffy, Season 8. But I was also tempted by a Doctor Who, a book of The Guild, and Once Upon A Time. And that’s just because I was avoiding The Simpsons and I’m not ready to get back into Archie. 

On the way home, I gave the Kid some advice.

“When you’re older and ready to date, the comic book shop is a good place to meet guys. Not because there are fewer jerks who read comics–there are plenty of jerks who read comics. But those jerks will generally tell you straight out that they don’t think you should be reading comics. So you can eliminate them right away. And the other guys, you can check out what titles they read and see if the books have respectful images of women in them or not. That’s two levels of screening built right into the activity.”

Who says comic book reading isn’t useful?