On Wednesday, I came home from work and was forced to eat a chocolate chip scone before I even had my dinner.

On Thursday, I was instructed not to enter the kitchen at all, but to wait patiently for my dinner, which consisted of pasta with four-cheese sauce and vegetables, fruit salad, and hot chocolate and homemade cookies for dessert. 

On Friday, my Kid asked to leave the water park because she wanted to go home and bake. 

On Saturday afternoon, she instructed my parents to come over to the house immediately so that she could teach them to make cookies. 

On Saturday evening, dinner was delayed because the Kid was in the kitchen making another batch of cookies. After dinner, the Kid complained that she is “addicted to baking.”

On Sunday, the Kid’s best friend came over to make cookies. They then made us scrambled eggs with cheese and a fruit platter for lunch. And then we ate the cookies. 

Nerds do things thoroughly.